Me: What the fuck is wrong with the two of you? Heart: Huh? Brain: What? Me: Seriously. Can you stop with the nightmares Heart: What are you talking about? Brain: Yeah Fat Man, what’s going on? Me: You guys need to stop fucking with me. You scared the shit out of me again Heart: … More Boooo

Jim vs Gym

Brain: Well haven’t we had quite the adventure since Thursday Me: That would be an understatement Brain: I guess there’s a bigger plan for us Me: It would seem that way Heart: Hey guys, what’s going on? Isn’t it a beautiful day! Brain: Good morning Heart. It does look like a beautiful day Heart: I … More Jim vs Gym

Brain on Stage

Brain:  Hey, wake up Me: Yeah, yeah Brain: No really, it’s time to get our groove on Me: Groove this Brain: Let’s go your Fatness. It’s the unofficial start to summer! Let’s rock and roll Me: Why the hell are you so happy this morning Brain: What other way is there to be oh High … More Brain on Stage