Brain being Brain

Brain: Wake up, let’s go!
Me: No
Brain: What?
Me: No, I’m tired
Brain: You promised it would be different this time.
Me: No, I’m not getting up
Brain: You are such a lazy ass
Me: Yep, that’s me.
Brain: Hmmmmmmmm
Me: Sleep
Brain: Hey, “No pain no gain.”
Me: Oh great, it’s 4:30am and you’re quoting Jane Fonda.
Brain: Remember her in Klute? Yowza!
Me: I’m ignoring you.​
Brain: No so fast fat boy! You got me liking this so now let’s go.
Me: Nope
Brain: Come on, I even took out your leg warmers, scrunchy socks and headband you Mullet-headed wanna be.
Me: Whoa, where did that come from?
Brain: Sorry, I was channeling my inner angry Denise Austin. Hehehehe
Me: You don’t have to be such a dick.
Brain: Come on fruit ball, “feel the burn.” Hehehehe
Me: NO!
Brain: That’s it. I am channeling the ghost of the Godfather of Fitness to kick your ass
Me: What? Who the hell is the Godfather of Fitness?
Brain: Come on, it’s Jaaaaaaaack LaaaaaaaLanne
Me: Fine, god knows I don’t want to mess with The Godfather of Fitness
Brain: Good. Now lets go before I go all Richard Simmons on your lazy ass
Me: Man, you are filled with some useless information
Brain: Hey, I’m your brain
Me: True enough

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