Brain vs Gym II

Brain: Hey man, good morning. How’s it going?
Me: Good, what’s going on?
Brain: Nothing, just chillin.
Me: You never “chill,” what’s up?
Brain: Ah, nothing.
Me: Hey, is it really 3:30am?
Brain: Yep, time to rise and shine. Time to make the donuts. Time to make hay…
Me: Three-thirty? Why did you wake me up.
Brain: I have a date and I don’t want to be late.
Me: Date?
Brain: Yep. I got a bunch of peptides that are calling my name.
Me: What?
Brain: Me and the endorphins are going to hang today.
Me: Really, maybe today is my off day from the gym. No endorphins for you.
Brain: No off day for you fat man.
Me: Hey, shut up. Stop that. You can’t make me feel guilty.
Brain: I can do anything I want. Now get dressed and get your fat ass to the gym
Me: No
Brain: Here we go….pants feeling a little tight these days, huh?…hahaha
Me: I hate you
Brain: Hey, don’t forget your hat and keys..
Me: Ugh

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