Brain vs Gym III

Brain: How you feeling today?
Me: Okay, you ready for the gym?
Brain: Sure let’s do it
Me: I think we’re going to mix it up today and do a little riding on the stationary bike instead of the elliptical
Brain: Stationary bike? What the hell is that?
Me: It’s a piece of exercise equipment you can use. It’s just like riding a bike.
Brain: I like bike rides. Where are we going to go?
Me: No where. The bike is stationary, it doesn’t move.
Brain: Well that’s kind of stupid. Why the hell are you going to ride a bike if it doesn’t go any where.
Me: It’s just a different way to get a good cardio work out.
Brain: Let me get this straight. You ride a bike that doesn’t go any where for a cardio workout.
Me: Exactly
Brain: That’s fucking stupid…… Hey what are you doing?
Me: I’m getting on the bike.
Brain: Oh no you don’t. Where’s our helmet. I am not getting on that bike without a helmet.
Me: The bike doesn’t move, we don’t need a helmet.
Brain: I have to look out for me. No helmet, no bike.
Me: Fine, we’ll go over there to the Stair Master
Brain: What’s that?
Me: It emulates walking up stairs
Brain: Where do you go?
Me: No where. You pretend to walk up a lot of stairs. It’s a great cardio work out.
Brain: How about we pretend you’re not a moron. First a bike that goes no where and now stairs that you climb but never go up. What the hell kind of place is this?
Me: Screw it, back to the elliptical machine

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