Brain vs Gym Part 1

Brain: What the hell is wrong with you. It’s 430am and your sitting in a cold, snow covered truck.
Me: We’re going to the gym
Brain: What’s a gym?
Me: You know that place with exercise equipment
Brain: No fucking way. I ain’t going
Me: Too late we’re going
Brain: You suck
Me: Shut up
Brain: What’s that thing?
Me: That’s an eliptical machine
Brain: Looks like some kind of torture device
Brain: At the 2 minute mark….Okay, that’s enough. You can still say you did it
Me: No, we’re going 30 minutes
Brain: No fucking way
Me: Shut up
Brain: At the 5 minute mark….there is no way you’re making it to 30 mins
Me: We gotta do it
Brain: Are you fucking crazy.
Brain: at the 10 minute mark….dude you’re barely a third done. Stop now and I won’t say a thing
Me: Shut up
Brain: at the 15 minute mark….dude I think we’re going to die.
Me: Shut up
Brain: at the 20 minute mark….hey this is pretty cool. Wow, keep going
Me: thanks, I will
Brain: at the 25 minute mark….come on fat man, you can fly. Who are these things that have come to hang out. Fly man, fly
Me: Those are endorphins…enjoy
Brain: at 30 minute mark…hey what are you doing, don’t stop. Keep going fat boy.
Me: Shut up

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