Demons intro….

Brain: SHUT UP!

Me: Huh?

Brain: I said SHUT the FUCK UP!

Me: Whoa big fella, what’s going on?

Brain: Can’t you hear them?

Me: Hear who?

Brain: The voices, the demons.

Me: I thought I did but then I just ignored them.

Brain: How can you ignore them? They’re screaming

Me: I just choose not to listen.

Brain: Easy for you to say.

Me: Did you watch the news before you fell asleep?

Brain: Maybe

Me: That explains it.

Brain: You need to make them stop

Me: No problem, I know just what to do

Brain: What?

Me: To the gym we go

Brain: No, that won’t work

Me: Trust me on this one brain

Brain: Fine, let’s go

Me: Okay, but know that today we’re really going to push ourselves

Brain: Whatever, just go

8 minutes in…..

Brain: this fucking sucks, the demons are just laughing at us

Me: relax, we’re getting there

Brain: you relax this sucks…stupid fat man…

16 minutes in…..

Brain: You ain’t kidding about pushing ourselves today. All the different nerve centers are filing complaint reports…the demons are encouraging them.

Me: Come on keep going

Brain: You know where you have the plate, screws and pins in your left Fibula?

Me: Yes

Brain: They just sent in a photo of them flipping us the bird.

Me: Come on keep going

22 minutes in

Brain: Hey, endo just showed up and he’s brought a few new friends.

Me: Who else showed up?

Brain: Serotonin and Dopamine

Me: Cool

Brain: Yeah, they want to hang out for a while

Me: Cool with me

Brain: Hey do we have any chips and dip?

Me: Huh?

Brain: My new friends are hungry?

Me: ahhhh, no. I have no chips and dip

Brain: What kind of neural host are you?

Me: Ummmmm, your the host

Brain: Oh shit, I forgot

25 minutes in

Brain: Fat man, you rock.

Me: Glad you think that Brain

Brain: Now about those chips……..

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