Brain at 13

Brain: That thing is making noise again

Me: It’s okay, it’s just the alarm

Brain: Got it. Let’s go.

Me: I with ya, let’s do it.

Brain: Rock n roll Fat Man!

Me: Really? Hey do you know this makes 14 out of the last 15 work days we’ve made it to the gym!

Brain: That’s pretty good dude. It’s amazing what we can do when we put our head together

Me: I agree Brain. It’s nice of you to say that

Brain: What?

Me: I was just saying that what you thought was nice

Brain: What thought?

Me: About working together

Brain: Ah, oh yeah.

Me: Brain?

Brain: Boobies

Me: What?

Brain: Boobies

Me: Really? You’re thinking about boobies?

Brain: What? No, I was thinking about ummmmmm going to the gym

Me: No you weren’t. You were totally spacing out on boobies.

Brain: No I wasn’t

Me: Yes you were

Brain: No, I was thinking about….hmmmm….that Finnish band called Steve’n’Seagulls and their version of AC/DC’s Thunderstruck.

Me: What? You are so full of shit.

Brain: Boobies

Me: I told you

Brain: Fine, you caught me, now start “elipticalling”

Me: Fine

Brain: hehehehehe……boobies

Me: Are you 13 years old?

Brain: As a matter of fact I am, now get going

Me: I’m going, calm down

Brain: Let’s go faster Fat Man

25 minutes later

Me: Whoa that was a good session today

Brain: Absolutely Fat Man. The leg units are reporting a serious case of “jelly legs.”

Me: I can believe it, that was great.

Brain: Boobie

Me: Come on man.

Brain: Okay, sorry….boobie…hehehehe

Me: You are such a pain in the ass

Brain: Sorry….boobie….hehehehehe

Me: Grow up

Brain: Nope, you can’t make me…..boobie

Me: Ugh

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