Brain and the Call

Brain: Happy Monday Fat Man. Rise and shine.

Me: Yep, I know the drill

Brain: We could sleep in

Me: I know, that would be awesome

Brain: You want to?

Me: Sure, the gym will be there tomorrow

Brain: Okay, NOT! Get your fat ass out of bed

Me: What? I thought….

Brain: I was just testing you Fat Man and you failed with flying colors

Me: You suck

Brain: No you suck you lazy ass. Let’s go!

Me: No

Brain: Don’t make me mess with ya.

Me: You can’t do anything

Brain: Oh yeah, listen, can you hear that sound?

Me: Nope, don’t here nothing.

Brain: I hear it, it’s getting louder

Me: Nothing is going to get me out of bed.

Brain: Here it comes

Me: Huh, hey that’s not fair

Brain: I told you not to mess with me

Me: You totally suck

Brain: Hehehehe, the call of nature works every time!

Me: Ugh

Brain: Now that you’re out of bed lets go to the gym

Me: You really are not fair

Brain: I’m sorry, you want to get back in bed and rest?

Me: That would be awesome

Brain: Okay, go ahead get back into bed

Me: Really?

Brain: Of course not Fat Man. Get your shit together and let’s rock

Me: You’re such a pain in the ass

Brain: That’s me. Mr. Ass Pain

Me: Fine, let’s go

Brain: Now your talking Fat Man. Let’s rock this Monday!

Me: Yep, great, rock this Monday.

Brain: Rock the day!

After 35 minutes on the elliptical

Brain: Weeeeee Hooooooo

Me: You enjoyed that?

Brain: Absolutely Fat Man, great job.

Me: Ugh

Brain: No ugh Fat Man. You kicked ass for a tired, Fat, bald dude

Me: Thanks so much Brain

Brain: You’re welcome Fat Man.

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