Lighthouse Brain

Brain: Let’s go Rocket Boy, rise and shine

Me: I’m already awake, shut up

Brain: Okay, you don’t have to be a dick

Me: Sorry, I’m just tired

Brain: Hey, the world’s tired buckaroo

Me: Huh?

Brain: The world is tired. Tired of the shit sandwich we read and hear about via the media everyday

Me: Huh

Brain: Gone are the days of honest and open discourse. It’s either my way or no way.

Me: No kidding

Brain: Come on Rocket Boy, you can help change that

Me: How the hell can I change it?

Brain:You can be a lighthouse of pozitudinally righteous energy

Me: Not that crap again

Brain: I am serious, think about how better your day is when we go to the gym and accomplish something positive. Albeit doing 2.5 miles on an elliptical machine isn’t exactly “Gandhian,” it’s a start

Me: I guess

Brain: Guess nothing Rocket Boy. It’s contagious

Me: Yeah, like Ebola.

Brain: Come on Rocket Boy, give it a shot

Me: Whatever

Brain: I need you all-in Rocket Boy. Together we can make people feel better.

Me: Okay, how

Brain: Good question. How about making people laugh. Laughter is always good.

Me: I like to laugh

Brain: Who doesn’t like to laugh

Me: Good point

Brain: Twain once said, “the human race has one really effective weapon, and that is laughter.

Me: I like that.

Brain: Our job is to figure out how to arm everyone with that most effective weapon

Me: And how the hell are we going to do that

Brain: I think we just gotta keep doing what we do

Me: What’s that going to accomplish?

Brain: I have no clue. But if one person joins the parade of marching, shining lighthouses we’ll be better

Me: Marching lighthouses? What the fuck are you on.

Brain: You know what I mean.

Me: LOL, marching fucking lighthouses

Brain: Don’t laugh.One person, shining brightly can light up more people and then those people light up and then everyone is lit up

Me: You’re fucking lit alright….sheesh your a loon

Brain: Probably, but it only takes one

Me: Yep, just one

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