Brain and Plastic Jesus Eggs

Brain: Whoa dude, that was a righteous workout

Me: It wasn’t bad 2.95 miles in 32 minutes

Brain: It was great, we could have kept going if the machine didn’t shut off automatically

Me: I think you’re right

Brain: I know it Rocket Boy

Me: Thanks Brain

Brain: Hey, did you know it’s Good Friday and that Passover starts tonight

Me: No, thanks for reminding me. It’s kind of weird we call the day Jesus was crucified “good.”

Brain: I think in the “olden” days good meant Holy

Me: Ahhh, that makes sense

Brain: Remember,no meat today

Why: why is that?

Brain: I think it’s because Jesus sacrificed his flesh for followers sins so they should abstain from eating meaty flesh.

Me: What about fish?

Brain: Fish are cool because fish come from the sea so that’s a different kind of flesh.

Me: Hmmmmm, the sounds way too convenient. What about the bunnies, chocolate eggs, fake plastic green grass and dyed eggs

Brain: Remember the other day we talked about the Pagan influence on Easter. You know fertility and everything. Horny bunnies reproducing rapidly

Me: Oh yeah.

Brain: Do you know you can go online and buy Jesus shaped plastic eggs that you can fill with candy?

Me: Lol, no fucking way

Brain: Yes fucking way, how wrong is that

Me: Oh man. How much are they

Brain: $8.03 for a 12 pack. Plus shipping

Me: That’s awesome

Brain: What would be really funny is after you hide them, they disappear. Much like Jesus did during the resurrection.

Me: Can you imagine all the pissed off kids looking for the resurrecting plastic Jesus eggs?

Brain: Oh man. Can you imagine if the parents didn’t know the plastic Jesus eggs would disappear. They’d be like, “I know I put the plastic Jesus egg right there. Where the fuck did it go?

Me: LOL. That would be epic.

Brain: Epic indeed

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