Brain vs Cart

Brain: Grumble, grumble, grumble Me: Wow, based on the demolition derby dreams you’re still pissed about yesterday Brain: Grumble Me: Dude, chill out it was just grocery shopping Brain: Grumble Me: Okay so we went at the worst possible time: A rainy Sunday at noon Brain: What is wrong with people Me: What do you … More Brain vs Cart

Pink Brain

Me: Hmmmm that’s weird? Where’s that pain in the ass Brain? Brain: Weeeeeeeeeee Me: Hello? Anybody in there? Brain: Weeeeeeeeeee Me: Hey Brain, nod if you can hear me Brain: Whoooooooooaaaa Me: What the hell is going on? Brain: Nothing man Me: Why the hell can’t I hear the alarm? Brain: Remember when you were … More Pink Brain

Brain Mileage

Brain: Happy Tuesday Fat Man Me: Whatever you say Brain: Come on man, it’s a glorious day Me: It’s 4am, nothing is glorious Brain: Embrace the day, it’s awesome Me: Sure Brain: Let’s rock and roll Me: You and your rock and roll, ugh Brain: Fat Man, you’re going to rock the elliptical. I just … More Brain Mileage

Brain on Earth Day

Brain: Hey, wake the fuck up! Me: Huh? Brain: Wake up, wiper of other people’s bottoms Me: What? It’s Sunday why the heck are you awake Brain: It’s an important day Me: But you don’t work on Sunday Brain: Easy there Chunky Monkey Me: No really, what’s going on? Brain: Today’s an important day. I’d … More Brain on Earth Day