Brain: Closed today

Me: Hello?

Brain: Sorry we’re closed today

Me: What do you mean you’re closed today

Brain: What don’t you understand, we’re closed today

Me: You can’t be closed today.

Brain: Yep, totally closed. Have no interest in new or different ideas

Me: What? You’re supposed to be open every day

Brain: Nope I’m done.

Me: Done?

Brain: Yep, done

Me: Would you consider opening

Brain: Nope. Based on what I am seeing lots of Brain’s are closed so why shouldn’t I?

Me: Well for one, it’s important to be open all the time

Brain: Say’s who?

Me: I don’t know, I just think it’s important

Brain: Nope. We’re closed.

Me: So, we can’t talk about it?

Brain: Nope. I am made up.

Me: Come on Brain, just turn the sign to open

Brain: No, now go away

Me: Please?

Brain: For what? Like other Brain’s are suddenly going to open so we can have a real discussion. Like an open and honest discourse? Free of agenda’s and ego?

Me: Easy now, I just told you to turn the sign to open

Brain: Yeah, easy for you to say

Me: Come on Brain, I know you too well.

Brain: I hate you sometimes

Me: It’s okay Brain

Brain: Asshole, fine, we’re open

Me: Thanks Brain

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