Brain: La, la, la

Me: Good morning. What are you doing?

Brain: Just some spring cleaning. Getting rid of some clutter in here

Me: Clutter?

Brain: Yeah, some thoughts, ideas, feelings that are just taking up space. Anything negative, whoosh out the door

Me: Like?

Brain: What’s worse? The second when you realize you stubbed your little toe on the door frame or the 2 seconds you spend in anticipation of the pain to register in your brain

Me: Um, I don’t know

Brain: Speaking of pain, are nose hairs attached directly to the optic nerve?

Me: I don’t think so

Brain: What’s worse….Having loud unintelligible voices in your head or having clear voices which you listen to?

Me: I don’t really know

Brain: No one read signs, so you can imagine how few people read books

Me: Ha, that’s probably true

Brain: Peanut butter and jelly is under-rated

Me: I’d agree

Brain: Shit Fat Man, enough of this rambling, we have to go

Me: Damn, I was kind of hoping you’d forget

Brain: Not a chance wiper of other people’s bottoms

Me: Shut up, I’m going

Brain: I need a good dose of Synaptic Provocateurs today so we’re going to really push it

Me: Whatever

3 miles and 30 minutes later

Brain: Nice job Fat Man. We are rocking on the Synaptic highway! Weeee Hoooo

Me: I am glad you are enjoying yourself

Brain: Me and the boys are going to hang for a little bit

Me: Oh joy

Brain: Hey it’s Friday. Free Will Friday

Me: What does that even mean

Brain: You know, independence, liberty the pursuit of happiness crap

Me: What?

Brain: How about Free Willy Friday? Hehehehe

Me: What?

Brain: Let your Willy go!

Me: You are insane

Brain: That may be true but I am not alone.

Me: No Brain, you are not

Brain: There’s a great quote from that Zen Motorcycle guy, Robert Pirsig….“When you live in the shadow of insanity, the appearance of another mind that thinks and talks as yours does is something close to a blessed event.”

Me: I like that

Brain: Here’s to more blessed events

Me: Wow, that was quite a ramble today

Brain: Indeed

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