Brain Lost and Found

Me: Hmmmm, where did I put my keys?

Brain: Sorry, I wasn’t listening, what’s up.

Me: Do you remember where I put my keys when we came into the gym?

Brain: Nope, I wasn’t paying attention

Me: Think for a minute.

Brain: Okay. I got nothing.

Me: Did you even try to think?

Brain: Not really.

Me: Come on. Help me.

Brain: Okay. You came in and put your keys……I got nothing.

Me: Where the fuck did I put them

Brain: Did you look in your coat

Me: Of course I looked in my coat.

Brain: Don’t bark at me Fat Man

Me: Sorry, please think.

Brain: Thinking…hmmmm boobies…..

Me: What?

Brain: You told me to think.

Me: Think about where I put my keys not boobies. God can you just, for this once, focus?

Brain: Huh?

Me: Focus, I said focus.

Brain: Focus, right. Boobies, hehehehe

Me: Stop that, this isn’t funny

Brain: Sorry, no laughing here…..boobies

Me: You are such a dick

Brain: You’re the one who misplaced his keys

Me: Pleeeeeeeease

Brain: Maybe we should we call that Saklad guy?

Me: Why call him?

Brain: I read that he has a lot of experience finding lost keys

Me: Leave him out of this

Brain: Hey, I know where the keys are!

Me: Really? Where?

Brain: Just kidding, I still got nothing.

Me: Stop being a dick and help

Brain: I know where they are but since you’re being a weenie I ain’t telling ya.

Me: Please, we’ve got to get out of here

Brain: They’re in your sneaker

Me: What?

Brain: The keys are in the other pair of sneakers you have to wear into the gym. You know, we have to change into clean sneakers so we don’t track dirt onto the machines.

Me: Whatever, yeah

Brain: You put them in there instead of your coat you dumb ass

Me: No I didn’t

Brain: Just look in the sneaker Fat Man

Me: Huh? Why the hell did I put them in there?

Brain: Good question fruit bat

Me: Thanks for helping Brain

Brain: No problemo grand master of largeness

Me: Shut up

Brain: Boobies, hehehehe

Me: Always have to have the last word, don’t ya?

Brain: Yep

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