Brain Weight

Brain: Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday

Me: Time to go sweat

Brain: Right on Fat Man

Me: Guess what we’re doing today?

Brain: ..duh, going to the gym

Me: Correct! But I have a surprise today.

Brain: I really don’t like surprises so just tell me now

Me: Okay. Today we’re introducing free weights into our training

Brain: I don’t like change. What are these “Free weights?”

Me: Free refers to the type of apparatus. For example, barbells, kettlebells and dumbbells are names of some of the weights.

Brain: You’re a dumbbell

Me: Don’t be a jerk

Brain: I have a question about these “free” weights.

Me: What’s your question?

Brain: Do you pay a fee to go to the gym?

Me: Yes

Brain: Then the weights at the gym aren’t exactly free

Me: Shut up

Brain: Dumbbells, hehehehe, what the hell do you do with them?

Me: You lift them up and down.

Brain: Then what?

Me: That’s all

Brain: What good do they do?

Me: They help build muscle mass

Brain: Hey fat man, do you really want to add mass? LOL

Me: Shut up. It’s a good thing to replace fat with muscle mass

Brain: (In its best “Arnold” voice) , “Let me pump you uuuuppp.”

Me: Shut up

Brain: Dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells oh my!

Me: Relax. We’ll lift first and then do the elliptical

Brain: Whatever your royal fattitude

…Picking up a set of dumbbells we start with a set of dumbbell bench presses before moving to arm curls, shoulder press, rows and some tricep work

Brain: Is that all you can lift?

Me: Huh?

Brain: Dude, why even bother with that light a weight

Me: Shut up, I haven’t done these in a while and don’t want to hurt myself

Brain: Seriously dude, you are embarrassing

Me: Shut up

Brain: Yawn. You really call this exercise

Me: I know what you’re trying to do and it’s not going to work

Brain: This is dumb

Me: Go away would ya?

Brain: I tried to go away but you keep bringing me back

Me: No I didn’t

Brain: Yes you did.

Me: Whatever

Brain: You done with this stupid weights of free thing?

Me: Sure, and they’re not stupid

Brain: blah, blah, blah….let’s go sweat

Me: Okay

Brain: Maybe even make the sweat sweat. hehehehe

Me: Whatever

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