Brain signs of the passed

Brain: What the fuck was that about?

Me: Hey Brain. What’s up?

Brain: Weirdness abounds

Me: That was a pretty weird dream

Brain: Weird? It was totally bizzaro world

Me: Yeah, it was weird even for you

Brain: I know. World at war, bombing runs nearby, weird underwater scenes and all of those do not pass signs

Me: Those signs, right.

Brain: Why did we keep driving passed all the signs that say “DO NOT PASS”

Me: Huh?

Brain: Talk about a blast from the past…..I never could figure out why we passed the “DO NOT PASS” signs

Me: Hmmmmmm

Brain: There were a lot of them and zoom, we went passed every one of them

Me: Right?

Brain: Weird, the things you remember. Driving passed the past or is it driving past the passed

Me: What?

Brain: I remember as clear as yesterday….sitting in the back seat, window down, wind blowing in my face, me staring vacuously at the scenery zooming by when another sign would quickly come and go through my field of vision

Me: Yawn

Brain: What the hell is that?

Me: Huh?

Brain: Nevermind, let’s get going

Me: Really?

Brain: Yes. Let’s start the week right

Me: Right my ass

Brain: Come on Fat Man, time to sweat

Me: Sweat this

Brain: What ever, get dressed

Me: Man I am tired

Brain: No rest for the wicked and put a damn shirt on

Me: I’m getting there, calm down

Brain: Hurry before Greenpeace grabs you and puts you back in the ocean

Me: Shut up asshole

Brain: Watch out Fat Man they’re here to clean your blow hole!

Me: Shut up

Brain: hehehehehe. I love when you get mad

Me: Fuck off, let’s go

Brain: Sounds good your Fatness

Me: Ugh

Brain: Ugh indeed

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