Whale of a time Brain

Brain: 292

Me: Huh?

Brain: 292

Me: What time is it?

Brain: 3:00am

Me: Why are we awake?

Brain: I was just thinking

Me: What is 292?

Brain: It’s a number of a song

Me: Huh? What do you mean, “Number of a song.”

Brain: “When I get to the bottom I go back to the top of the slide where I stop and I turn and I go for a ride….”

Me: Beatles?

Brain: Winner, winner chicken dinner. Now for bonus points what is the name of the song and the album

Me: Helter Skelter and the White Album

Brain: Correcto Mundo! Johnny tell the lucky guy what’s he’s won

Me: Okay, what is with the weird number reference

Brain: Remember in high school we used to go to Johnny’s Apizza in Milford?

Me: Yeah, I remember that. We’d go a lot of times after soccer games. If I recall correctly they’d serve us beer too

Brain: You got that right Fat Man….don’t tell anyone but we weren’t of legal drinking age

Me: No problem, the secret is safe with me

Brain: Good job

Me: So what about 292

Brain: Remember the juke box?

Me: I think so

Brain: Well 292 was Helter Skelter. Before we’d leave we’d throw in all the quarters we had and play 292 over and over again.

Me: Why the hell would you do that

Brain: Because we could

Me: So you were a dick back then

Brain: Maybe

Me: Can we now go back to sleep?

Brain: Sure Fat Man

Me: I am not sure I can sleep

Brain: Fat Man, can you hear the rain outside?

Me: Yep

Brain: Listen closely. It’s a perfect spring rain

Me: Mmmmmmmmm

Brain: It’s 46 degrees, you can hear the rain falling

Me: zzzzzzzzzzz

Brain: Works every time. Now watch this

Me: Why the fuck is the alarm going off

Brain: Time to wake up you napping Narwhal

Me: Man oh man. I am so tired

Brain: Let’s go lazy ass

Me: Man, I had the strangest dream. I was hanging out in a playground with Paul McCartney…..

Brain: Really….lol

Me: He was being a dick and not letting me go on the slide

Brain: Okay Orca boy let’s get going

ME: Shut up

Brain: No problemo sleepy Shamu

Me: Enough with the whale references

Brain: Hehehehehe, sorry dude

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