Dream until your dreams come true

Brain: Peepers peeping, the Bard owls hooting, a foggy, dank spring morning

Me: Zzzzzzzzzz

Brain: Ah, Spring. All is well for the moment

Me: Zzzzzzzzz

Brain: He’s going to be so grumpy when he wakes up

Me: Zzzzzzzzz

Brain: Okay, it’s 4:03am, cue the alarm for one minute

Me: Zzzzzzzzz

Alarm goes off

Brain: Come on sleepy head, wake up

Me: Zzzzzzzzz

Brain: WAKE UP

Me: Zzzzzzzzz

Brain: Don’t make me do it

Me: Zzzzzzzzz

Brain: WAKE UP

Me: Zzzzzz, yawn

Somehow turns off alarm in sleep

Brain: Hey wake up

Me: Zzzzzzzzzzz

Brain: Shit, this is an emergency. He shut off the alarm. We could oversleep

Me: Zzzzzzzzzz

Brain: Okay, we’re going into code snooze mode

Me: Zzzzzzzzz

Brain: Okay, let me look into the code snooze tool shed

Me: Zzzzzzzzz

Brain: Hmmmmm, something to make him wake up instantly

Me: Zzzzzzzzz

Brain: Tornado? No. Shark attack? No. Paris Hilton? No. Squiggly things? No.

Me: Zzzzzzzzz

Brain: Hmmmmm, Falling? Too late in the morning. Something related to Spring? Exactly

Me: Zzzzzzzzz

Brain: Hope this works


Brain: What? What?

Me: The tick. There was a tick crawling on my face. I felt it

Brain: Really?

Me: Yes it was on my eyelid. Where did it fucking go?

Brain: Hmmmm, I don’t know

Me: Watch out I need to get the fuck outta bed. NOW

Brain: Okay. Wow good thing you woke up it’s almost ten after four.

Me: Shit, I must have turned off the alarm

Brain: Yep, you must have.

Me: Where the fuck did that tick go

Brain: I wouldn’t worry about it. It’s probably just a dream

Me: No way, I really felt it.

Brain: Sure you did

Me: You didn’t do that, did you?

Brain: Me? What?

Me: You made me dream that a tick was crawling across my eyelid, didn’t you?

Brain: Ummmmm, maybe

Me: Why would you do that? You suck

Brain: Rise and shine sleepy head

Me: You are such a dick

Brain: I got us up, didn’t I?

Me: Whatever, leave me alone

Brain: Let’s go sweat Fat Man

Me: Fine

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