Pink Brain

Me: Hmmmm that’s weird? Where’s that pain in the ass Brain?

Brain: Weeeeeeeeeee

Me: Hello? Anybody in there?

Brain: Weeeeeeeeeee

Me: Hey Brain, nod if you can hear me

Brain: Whoooooooooaaaa

Me: What the hell is going on?

Brain: Nothing man

Me: Why the hell can’t I hear the alarm?

Brain: Remember when you were young

Me: Huh?

Brain: You shone like the sun

Me: Brain? Hello

Brain: Shine on you crazy diamond

Me: What the fuck is going on and why can’t I hear the alarm going off?

Brain: Now there’s a look in your eyes

Me: Brain?

Brain: Like black holes in the sky

Me: Shit, I left the Bluetooth earbuds in last night

Brain: Shine on you crazy diamond

…….Taking the Bluetooth ear buds out of my ears

Me: Shit. Brain’s been listening to Pink Floyd all night….

Brain: Hey, what happened, where did the music go?

Me: Sorry about that. We forgot to take the earbuds out

Brain: Whoa that was a wild night

Me: I can imagine

Brain: Right on Fat Man, ready to sweat

Me: No

Brain: Let’s go my little brick in the wall

Me: You are so weird

Brain: Come on lets rock. It’s a great day to shine

Me: I don’t think so

Brain: What? I’m serious Portly Paddy let’s go

Me: Nope

Brain: Why is it always a fight to get you to the gym

Me: Because I am tired

Brain: The world’s tired douche, let’s go

Me: Nope

Brain: (in a whisper)….careful with the axe, Eugene

Me: What did you say

Brain: (even softer)…..the stars are screaming loud…..

Me: I heard that. What about an axe

Brain: Oh nothing, just a little motivational thought. Let’s go

Me: If we go will you shut up?

Brain: Sure as long as you promise to shine bright today

Me: I’ll try

Brain: that’s all I can ask for Fat Man.

Me: Fine

Brain: Let’s rock the day you lazy lighthouse of pozitudinally righteous love

Me: Ugh, you are so fucking weird

Brain: Hey as HST once said, “When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.”

Me: Whatever

2 thoughts on “Pink Brain

  1. you do know that if your brain is weird so are you….for getting up at 4;30am to go to a gym. why not go after work???


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