Brain Rockets

Brain: Pssssst

Me: WHAT!!!

Brain: Oh, you’re awake

Me: You already knew that. Why are you pretending it’s a surprise?

Brain: Aren’t we Mr Panties-in-a-Bunch this morning

Me: I’m tired, let’s just get on with it

Brain: Okay, fine. Get dressed and let’s go to the gym

Me: Fine, yawn…..

Arriving to a surprisingly busy gym

Brain: He, he, he, he

Me: What is so funny?

Brain: Nothing

Me: Fine, lets get started

Brain: He, he, he


Brain: I should have told you before but our gym shorts are on inside out

Me: What?

Brain: Not only are they inside out but you have them on backwards

Me: What?

Brain: Look down idiot

Me: Oh shit, I have my gym shorts on inside out and backwards. Fuck it.

Mindlessly we proceed through our elliptical workout while watching the news on the screen on the treadmill in front of us

Brain: See that stuff about Boeing and SpaceX

Me: No, what are you talking about?

Brain: It’s one big phallic face-off

Me: Huh?

Brain: Yeah, Boeing says size matters

Me: Size of what?

Brain: Size of the rocket

Me: Doesn’t it?

Brain: Doesn’t it what?

Me: Well, doesn’t size matter?

Brain: My experience is that it depends on who you’re talking to and what you’re trying to do

Me: What?

Brain: Boeing is saying you need a bigger rocket to penetrate deep space

Me: Why do you need a big rocket to penetrate deep space?

Brain: Boeing is saying that bigger is better if you want to deliver a bigger payload into deep space

Me: Bigger payload?

Brain: Boeing is claiming that SpaceX’s rocket is just too small to adequately satisfy the needs of deep space exploration

Me: Needs of deep space. LOL. Why are they saying that?

Brain: I have no clue. Some folks will tell you that thrust is far more important than the size of the rocket

Me: That sounds like it makes sense

Brain: You can have the biggest rocket in the world but with no thrust you can’t deliver the payload

Me: Hmmmmmm

Brain: I am not sure if Boeing is trying to compensate for a thrust issue with a larger rocket

Me: Well, a bigger rocket does mean a bigger crawler transport to move the bigger rocket

Brain: Oh yeah, bigger crawler transport means more thrust

Me: LOL, no it doesn’t

Brain: I know, it’s just fun to type, “thrust.”

Me: So who’s pushing all this

Brain: Well if you listen to Boeing, NASA is lusting after a bigger rocket to satisfy it’s deep space probing

Me: Lol, probing.

Brain: Oops, I meant program

Me: Lol, probing is better

Brain: I really don’t get it. Shit, SpaceX seems to be delivering rockets on a weekly basis to NASA.

Me: I know. How much does NASA really need?

Brain: Good question. Given the politics of deep space programs there seems to be an insatiable need for bigger at NASA

Me: I guess size does matter

Brain: I am not sure about that. My guess is NASA doesn’t know what they want

Me: True

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