This Brain

Brain: Whoa. Do you know that we’ve done this 50 times since March 5th?

Me: Done what?

Brain: This

Me: What exactly is this?

Brain: You know, this

Me: No, I don’t know this

Brain: Well if you don’t know, then how have we been able to do this?

Me: Do what?

Brain: This

Me: This?

Brain: Exactly

Me: Exactly what?

Brain: Exactly this

Me: This makes no sense

Brain: That is true about this

Me: What is true?

Brain: It’s true that this makes no sense

Me: So what do we do now?

Brain: About what?

Me: About this

Brain: I guess we should just get to it

Me: Okay where is it?

Brain: It’s right over here

Me: Is this it?

Brain: I think so

Me: Kind of uneventful, wouldn’t you say

Brain: Wouldn’t I say what?

Me: That this is uneventful

Brain: What is uneventful?

Me: This is

Brain: I guess you can say that

Me: Okay, this is uneventful

Brain: What were you expecting?

Me: Something more than this

Brain: Like what?

Me: I don’t know, that’s your job

Brain: What’s my job?

Me: This is your job

Brain: Why is it my job?

Me: Because it is

Brain: Fine then this is it

Me: What?

Brain: What, what?

Me: What is it?

Brain: This is it

Me: You make my head hurt

Brain: I am your head you idiot

Me: Oh yeah, sometimes I forget

Brain: Indeed

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