Fried Brain

Brain:  No gym today, huh?

Me: Why not?

Brain: Because it’s already 530am. We slept through the alarm

Me: Really? Wow.

Brain: That was quite a mother’s day celebration.

Me: I guess it was, what a glorious day. Good food, great people, wonderful weather and plenty to drink

Brain: Plenty indeed….ouch

Me: Why does my face and chest hurt?

Brain: I think you have sunburn oh Fried Fat Man

Me: Ugh, I thought we put sunscreen on?

Brain: I think you thought about putting sunscreen on

Me: Hmmmm that wasn’t smart

Brain: Since when are we smart

Me: Good point

Me: How did my chest get sunburned?

Brain: You took your shirt off, remember?

Me: Oh yeah. Ugh.

Brain: You’re just lucky no one showed up looking to throw you back into the ocean

Me: Very funny

Brain: No really, why would you take off your shirt in public

Me: I wasn’t in public. I was in the backyard at my mother’s house

Brain: Whatever, you still should have grabbed the roller and put on sunscreen

Me: I know, I know

Brain: I mean, with our lack of hair we should be putting something on that is made by Benjamin Moore not something made by Coppertone

Me: Cute Brain

Brain: I really don’t feel like doing anything today

Me: Let’s not

Brain: Dude, we have to go to work today

Me: Oh, yeah.

Brain: I think a good shower, shave and a couple cups of coffee and we’ll be good to go

Me: I guess

Brain: No guess Crispy Fat Man we’ll totally rock

Me: If you say so

Brain: Plus I think we’ve got some aloe to put on

Me: Cool that should help

Brain: Indeed

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