Brain Flame

Brain: Heeeeeeelllllllloooooo

Me: What????

Brain: Hey there sleeping beauty, let’s get up and rock the day

Me: Rock this

Brain: Come on Fat Man don’t be a negative nelly

Me: Just shut up

Brain: It’s Tuesday! Let’s have some fun

Me: Fun? You want us to have fun?

Brain: That’s right your Fatness

Me: We have to work.  How can we have fun?

Brain: That’s the whole idea. Let’s have fun at work today

Me: And how are we going to do that?

Brain: Well to start, you need to change your attitude right now

Me: Whatever

Brain: Don’t whatever me

Me: Fine.  Yippee. Is that better

Brain: You can do better. Channel that inner lighthouse of pozitoodinal energy that I know is hiding in there

Me: Lighthouse of what?

Brain: Pozitoodinal energy my brother. Shine bright and you’ll make everyone around you shine too

Me: I want what you’ve been smoking

Brain: No can do lighter of other peoples flames

Me: No really, what the hell are you on?

Brain: It’s called life my follically challenge little friend

Me: Life?

Brain: Yep that thing most of us take for granted everyday

Me: So

Brain: Take nothing for granted you knuckle-dragger

Me: Shut up

Brain: Live Large Fatman! You need to be all-in

Me: Okay, I’ll play along

Brain: That’s right dude

Me: So what next

Brain: I think a revitalizing shower is in order and then onto rock our day

Me: Let’s do it Brain

Brain: Rock on! Pozitoodinal love for everyone!

Me:  Right on

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