Beetle Brain

Me: What the fuck was all that about?

Brain: Huh?

Me: Seriously, what was with all the beetles?

Brain: Huh? Beatles?

Me: Yes, I could hardly sleep because I kept dreaming about Beetles

Brain: Which one?

Me: What do you mean which one?

Brain: Well, there was John, George, Paul and Ringo

Me: No, not those Beatles, the other beetles

Brain: What other Beatles? Those are the only ones I know

Me: No, the bug beetles

Brain: Bug beetles?

Me: Yes, the bug beetles. They were all over the place last night.

Brain: I don’t get it, where were they?

Me: In my dreams you moron. I’d have a dream about weird beetles and I’d wake up and then fall back asleep and there would be more beetles

Brain: Actually you only dreamt you woke up. You never really did

Me: No, I know I woke up.

Brain: Okay, whatever you say

Me: What was with all the beetles?

Brain: I don’t know

Me: That’s bullshit. What was with all the beetles?

Brain: It was Stephanie’s fault

Me: Who is Stephanie?

Brain: You know our friend from Vermont. We played softball with her years ago

Me: Oh yeah. Why is it her fault

Brain: Well, she posted a picture on Facebook of a beetle she saw yesterday and was wondering what it was

Me: So?

Brain: Well I started looking through the internet for beetles and then next thing you know I’m looking at picture after picture of big ugly bugs

Me: And when did you do that?

Brain: Right before bed

Me: Great. Didn’t I tell you to stay off the internet before bed

Brain: Sorry Fat Man

Me: No big deal other than the 3 hours of sleep I’ll never get back

Brain: Too bad it wasn’t dreams about the Beatles

Me: I’m not sure they’d be any better

Brain: True. Can you imagine a giant Ringo head chasing you around a field

Me: You’re weird

Brain: I like it that way

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