Reflective Brain

Me: Hey Brain

Brain: What?

Me: I deleted all the German names from my cell phone

Brain: What?

Me: Yeah, it’s Hans-free

Brain: It’s a wonder that I hang around with you.

Me: Not like you have a choice

Brain: True

Me: Hey what’s the difference between a Hippo and a Zippo?

Brain: Stop

Me: Come on

Brain: I don’t know, what?

Me: One is really heavy, the other is a little lighter

Brain: Just shut up

Me: Come on Brain, lighten up

Brain: I’ll lighten up if you shut up

Me: Nope, no can do. Hey what did the Buddhist say to the hot dog vendor?

Brain: Please stop

Me: Make me one with everything. HAHAHAHAHA

Brain: Man you are stupid

Me: I got a million of them.  Hey why don’t ants get sick?

Brain: Ugh, Why?

Me: Because they have anty-bodies

Brain: That’s it, I’m done

Me: Okay, I’ll stop

Brain: Thank you

Me: Brain, aren’t you excited about the 3 day weekend

Brain: Absolutely. Monday is Memorial Day!

Me: Weee hoooo

Brain: there’s a great Twain quote that I discovered the other day: “Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it.”

Me: Hmmmm, interesting

Brain: Definitely food for thought

Me: Mmmmm food. Maybe we can have a cookout

Brain: Whatever

Me: Mmmmm, get me one of them Buddhist dogs

Brain: You just won’t stop will you?

Me: Never Brain

Brain: Fine, lets enjoy the weekend and take a little time to reflect on what Memorial Day is all about.

Me: I will Brain, thanks for reminding me

Brain: You’re welcome Fat Man



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