Brain on Stage

Brain:  Hey, wake up

Me: Yeah, yeah

Brain: No really, it’s time to get our groove on

Me: Groove this

Brain: Let’s go your Fatness. It’s the unofficial start to summer! Let’s rock and roll

Me: Why the hell are you so happy this morning

Brain: What other way is there to be oh High Prince of Plumpitood?

Me: What did you call me?

Brain: Oh, you mean the High Prince of Plumpitood?

Me: Yeah. Plumpitood isn’t even a word

Brain: Who the hell cares Captain Corpulent

Me: Okay, enough with the fat references

Brain: Come on Fat Man, you have a 4 day work week, how bad can it be?

Me: It maybe a four day week but somehow the expectation is that we’ll do 5 days worth of work in 4 days.

Brain: You got this. Remember later on in the week we have some live music to see on Friday

Me: Oh yeah, that’s cool

Brain: There is nothing better than live music to reboot and revitalize the mind and soul

Me: Whatever you say

Brain: No whatever. There’s been so much written on the positive impact of live music. It surprises me when people don’t seek it out.

Me: Well sometimes it’s just easier to stay home. No one knows that better than me.


Brain: The beauty of live music is that it is an unpredictable experience. The people, the music, the venue all contribute to the experience. Nothing better than seeing a musician channeling creative energy

Me: So true Brain

Brain: Oliver Sacks once wrote, “Professional musicians, in general, possess what most of us would regard as remarkable powers of musical imagery. Many composers, indeed, do not compose initially or entirely at an instrument but in their minds. There is no more extraordinary example of this than Beethoven, who continued to compose (and whose compositions rose to greater and greater heights) years after he had become totally deaf. It is possible that his musical imagery was even intensified by deafness, for with the removal of normal auditory input, the auditory cortex may become hypersensitive, with heightened powers of musical imagery (and sometimes even auditory hallucinations).”

Me: Wow, that’s pretty interesting, especially the concept of musical imagery


Brain: Let’s say we start loading up our calendar with some live music

Me: I like how you think

Brain: Rock n roll Fat Man

Me: Rock n roll indeed

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