Jim vs Gym

Brain: Well haven’t we had quite the adventure since Thursday

Me: That would be an understatement

Brain: I guess there’s a bigger plan for us

Me: It would seem that way

Heart: Hey guys, what’s going on? Isn’t it a beautiful day!

Brain: Good morning Heart. It does look like a beautiful day

Heart: I am just so happy to be here. Thanks for inviting me to your party

Me: Heart, it’s not really a party. We actually just woke up and are going to get ready to go to work

Heart: Awesome! I love a party.

Brain: Heart, we do this everyday

Heart: Cool. So let’s get this party started

Brain: Heart, it’s not really a party. We’re getting ready for work

Me: Heart, you know…shower, shave, iron shirt

Heart: Awesome! The fact we get to continue to do this sounds like a party to me

Brain: Ugh, whatever

Heart: Come on Brain, don’t be such a righteous stick in the mud. Let’s celebrate

Brain: What on earth do you want to celebrate?

Heart: Let’s celebrate us and the fact we are going to have a great day at work

Me: I’m with Heart, we need to have more fun. Even at work.

Brain: Okay Fat Man, how are we going to have fun?

Me: Well for one Brain why don’t you relax

Brain: I am relaxed

Heart: I love you Brain

Me: Yeah, I love you Brain

Brain: Whatever

Heart: No whatever Brain. We all love you

Brain: just shut up

Me: No Brain, Heart is right. We love you. Without you we might not be here today

Brain: Stop with all that. I did what I did from a purely self-preservation perspective

Heart: Brain, we know that’s not true

Me: Yeah Brain, we know you love us too

Brain: Please shut up and let’s get dressed for work

Heart: Hey Brain?

Brain: WHAT?

Heart: Thanks

Brain: Fine, you’re welcome now let’s going.  Man, I can’t wait to get back to the gym

Heart: Who’s Jim

Brain: It’s not Jim, its gym

Heart: That’s a funny way to spell it. Do I know him?

Brain: It’s not a him it’s a place

Heart: Huh?

Brain: Gym, is a place we go to exercise

Heart: Huh?

Brain: Gym is a place that has exercise equipment and weights that we can use to get in better physical condition

Heart: So is Jim there?

Brain: No there is no Jim

Heart: If there’s no Jim then where are we going?

Brain: Ugh

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