Lost – Battery powered mower

I have hijacked this page today to share the below email I sent to the CEO of The Home Depot on Monday.  To his credit his email address is readily available and as I found out yesterday he has an Executive Escalation Support Center
Dear Mr. CEO,
I am currently a bit frustrated regarding my order C#########. It seems the very cool, battery powered mower I ordered from The Home Depot, and was scheduled to be delivered to my home on June 6th, has gone AWOL.  It has flown the proverbial coop. The mower in fact is no where to be found according to a Home Depot customer service representative. The good news is that it only took 40 minutes to ascertain this information.
As I was told by a customer service representative The Home Depot didn’t lose it, the freight company did. Darn Freight company. I tried to explain that I didn’t buy the mower from the freight company (New England Motor Freight) I bought it from The Home Depot.  That rational fell on deaf ears.
I was then told my only option was to cancel my order and re-order the mower.
While I understand the process, it would seem to me that from a customer service perspective, The Home Depot personnel would want to help expedite said refund and re-order process.  You know, actually act like you care about my $$$$$.
In a follow up text my 2 options were made quite clear:  Cancel and get a refund or wait 2 or 3 days to see if the Freight company finds my lost mower.
I did spend over an hour calling the various freight companies who were supposedly charged with getting this very cool mower to my home.  Even though this turned out to be a complete waste of my time it did provide a source of amusement given the commitment each freight company made to finger-pointing at one another.
At this point, if I could buy this mower anywhere other than The Home Depot I would. As a matter of fact, I am so frustrated I plan to stop at a local dealership and look at gas powered mowers even though I know it will do inextricable damage to the climate of the earth.  At least according to Al Gore.
I apologize in advance. I know a $$$$$ purchase doesn’t make or break The Home Depot. I just think supporting the customer with a sense of urgency and helping facilitate my re-order and shipping would be a common sense approach to handling this situation.
As I type, my lawn continues to spiral out of control. If I re-order and it takes two weeks to get the mower I may be in the market for a scythe. I think The Home Depot carries those too.  I tried to convince the wife to let the lawn go natural. You know, support the natural habitat of bugs and bunnies.  She didn’t fall for it.
The final straw was yesterday my neighbor stopped over and asked my wife if she wanted him to cut my lawn. I guess the wild lawn look is bringing down the home value on our common drive.
Any guidance you could offer would be much appreciated. Heck if you got an extra push mower and wanted to stop by to help me cut the lawn it would be awesome..
​ ​

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