This Brain

Brain: Whoa. Do you know that we’ve done this 50 times since March 5th? Me: Done what? Brain: This Me: What exactly is this? Brain: You know, this Me: No, I don’t know this Brain: Well if you don’t know, then how have we been able to do this? Me: Do what? Brain: This Me: … More This Brain

Brain Signs

Me: Hey Brain Brain: <no response> Me: Hey Brain Brain: <no response> Me: HEY BRAIN? Brain: SHUT THE FUCK UP, WHAT DO YOU WANT? Me: Whoa there. No need to yell. Brain: Well can’t you see that I am busy? Me: Uh,no. What’s going on? Brain: Nothing’s going on, can’t you see the sign? Me: … More Brain Signs

Dandelion Brain

Brain: Hey what are you doing? Me: Nothing Brain: Why are you in here? Me: I don’t know, you must have left the door open Brain: Hmmmm, I thought for sure I shut it tight Me: What’s the big issue? Brain: No issue I was just doing some stuff and don’t need you poking around … More Dandelion Brain

Brain Curd

Brain: This is a test of the emergency broadcast system. This is only a test. If this was a real emergency, well, we’d be fucked Me: Huh? Brain: Rise and shine Knucklehead Me: Whoa, we got whacked hard by the sleep stick last night Brain: You’re welcome. I thought we’d appreciate it Me: What a … More Brain Curd

Paddle Brain

Me: Oh man I could have used another couple of hours of sleep Brain: Let’s go Fat Man. No rest for the wicked Me: But it’s 66 degrees already and it’s only 4am Brain: Dude you complain when it’s cold, you complain when it’s hot…just shut up Me: Hey, I’m a New Englander, it’s what … More Paddle Brain

Brain Rockets

Brain: Pssssst Me: WHAT!!! Brain: Oh, you’re awake Me: You already knew that. Why are you pretending it’s a surprise? Brain: Aren’t we Mr Panties-in-a-Bunch this morning Me: I’m tired, let’s just get on with it Brain: Okay, fine. Get dressed and let’s go to the gym Me: Fine, yawn….. Arriving to a surprisingly busy … More Brain Rockets

Hoo Brain

Me: Alright, alright can you ever be quiet? Brain: Nope. Time to get up Me: It’s only 330am!!! Brain: But you’re not tired. Think of all the stuff you need to get done today Me: Ugh, you suck Brain: Since we’re up lets go to the gym Me: Fine Driving down the driveway we stop. … More Hoo Brain