Petabyte Brain

Brain: Man I am exhausted Me: Why? Brain: I’ve been up all night thinking and working on our subconscious Me: Thinking about what? Brain: About the five hundred thousand plus hours I’ve been doing this thing everyday Me: What thing? Brain: This thing? Me: Huh? Brain: Life, you moron. Do you have any idea how … More Petabyte Brain

Wobbly Brain

Brain: Please shut that thing off Me: I just turned it to snooze Brain: Whatever Me: Ahhhhhhh Brain: What the fuck, shut it off! Me: Sorry Brain, that was 6 minutes, time to get up Brain: 6 minutes? It felt like hours Me: I know, that’s the magic of the snooze button Brain: Ugh, where’s … More Wobbly Brain

Singing Brain

Brain: Yo Fat Man? Me: Yeah? Brain: Did you sleep well last night? Me: Not really Brain: We going to bag the gym today? Me: I could bag it. Brain: How disappointed in ourself will we be Me: I’d say pretty disappointed. Brain: Then I guess we should go, huh? Me: Yep, let’s do it. … More Singing Brain

Hump Day Brain

Brain: What the fuck is that noise? Me: That’s the alarm Brain: Fucking shut it off Me: Dude it goes off every morning at 4:14am Brain: Shut it off. Me: Wow, somebody is grumpy today Brain: I was up all night, leave me alone. Me: Why didn’t you sleep? Brain: I was busy Me: Doing … More Hump Day Brain

Brain Spring

Brain: Happy Vernal Equinox Me: Huh? Brain: Weeee hoooo, it’s the Vernal Equinox! Me: What? Dude it’s 345am. Brain: Wake up lazy ass, it’s the first day of Spring! Me: Uh, so what. Brain: So what? Are you kidding me? Me:  Uh, no. Brain: At 12:15pm today it’s the Vernal Equinox. Me: Sure Brain:  Do … More Brain Spring

Monday Brain

Brain: Good morning Me: Huh? Brain: Good morning sleepy head! Me: What’s up and why are you so cheery? Brain: It’s Monday! Me: No shit and what’s good about that? Brain: Everything is good about it! Me: You’re weird. Brain: I’ve been up for a while thinking Me: Thinking about what? Brain: Just stuff Me: … More Monday Brain

Demons intro….

Brain: SHUT UP! Me: Huh? Brain: I said SHUT the FUCK UP! Me: Whoa big fella, what’s going on? Brain: Can’t you hear them? Me: Hear who? Brain: The voices, the demons. Me: I thought I did but then I just ignored them. Brain: How can you ignore them? They’re screaming Me: I just choose … More Demons intro….

Brain and earworm

Brain: Hehehehe Me: Huh? Brain: “Just a small town girl, living in a lonely world” Me: Huh? Brain: “She took the midnight train going anywhere” Me: Yawn, good morning? Brain: “Just a city boy, born and raised in South Detroit” Me: What’s up? Brain: “He took the midnight train going anywhere” Me: Hey, stop that … More Brain and earworm