Free Bird Brain

Me: Let’s go Brain: No way, it’s a blizzard outside Me: No it’s not, the snow just started Brain: But these fleece sheets are so warm Me: Let’s rock Brain: “Let’s rock?” Really, it’s been years since you rocked Me: Shut up, let’s go Brain: Fine We’re 14:30 into our uninspiring workout. You know the … More Free Bird Brain

Brain vs DST

Me: Come on, lets go Brain: What, it’s only 330am Me: No it’s not. It’s 430am Brain: Since when Me: Since yesterday when we turned the clocks ahead Brain: I don’t care, I still think it’s 330am Me: Look at all the clock’s, it’s 430am Brain: You aren’t going to fool me. You set them … More Brain vs DST

Brain being Brain

Brain: Wake up, let’s go! Me: No Brain: What? Me: No, I’m tired Brain: You promised it would be different this time. Me: No, I’m not getting up Brain: You are such a lazy ass Me: Yep, that’s me. Brain: Hmmmmmmmm Me: Sleep Brain: Hey, “No pain no gain.” Me: Oh great, it’s 4:30am and … More Brain being Brain

Brain vs Gym III

Brain: How you feeling today? Me: Okay, you ready for the gym? Brain: Sure let’s do it Me: I think we’re going to mix it up today and do a little riding on the stationary bike instead of the elliptical Brain: Stationary bike? What the hell is that? Me: It’s a piece of exercise equipment … More Brain vs Gym III

Brain vs Gym II

Brain: Hey man, good morning. How’s it going? Me: Good, what’s going on? Brain: Nothing, just chillin. Me: You never “chill,” what’s up? Brain: Ah, nothing. Me: Hey, is it really 3:30am? Brain: Yep, time to rise and shine. Time to make the donuts. Time to make hay… Me: Three-thirty? Why did you wake me … More Brain vs Gym II